Jumaat, April 01, 2011

Inilah Senibina!

Apa itu senibina?

Bila ke site. The first stage of architecting.

When you have many2 case studies to make

when you have to produce big2 site context model

when you're alone in site analysis presentation

when dslr 'like' a must

when you have back pain sebab menghadap drawing terlalu lama

when shoe boxes recycled

when teh tarik in the morning, coffee in the evening

when scale ruler always missing
scale ruler yang sangat berharga bagi student architecture. ditinggalkan sekejap pasti hilang entah ke mana. i've bought 3 scale rulers in 3 years time. At the end of semester, semuapun hilang. haih!~

when you have to work in messy studio~

when you see weird2 thing...pelik tapi benar

when you have to produce mock up and model
Sesuatu yang akan menjadi last minit dibuat adalah-model

when you have to present you idea.
bentangkan idea, kemudian dikritik.

when you feel like to dance in presentation

when everywhere, anywhere is your best place to sleep

captured by : Hanafi, Badi, Haziq, Zahirah

when you feel like to cry

and... when you always counting the day...

credit to : Fadhli Mat Razi
14 days more

Cop! have some more...

when you have loads of memories =)

till now. salam. =)

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wahahaha! never thought gonna see bella and neza in the same photo