Khamis, Julai 09, 2009

Kid's Prayer

By the way, I have a friend who ensures that his kids say their prayers every night before they go to bed and one night be peeped into the kids’ room and overheard his seven-year old son utter this prayer:

Oh, and by the way Lord, I also wish our Wakil Rakyat would be struck down by a sickness or knocked down by a car. I know, Lord, it is not very nice to wish for someone’s death but I have been told that it is okay to sacrifice one’s life if it is for the sake of the entire community. I mean, Lord, that is what soldiers do everyday. They die so that the rest of the people can have a good life.

If our Wakil Rakyat were to die then there would be a by-election in our constituency. That would mean the government would spend hundreds of millions to upgrade the roads in our neighbourhood. Yesterday, I hit a huge hole in the road and fell down. I not only hurt my knee and elbow but my bicycle is now destroyed.

I heard my dad say that the residents have been complaining for more than a year but the government still did nothing about the bad roads while our neighbour said that unless there is a by-election then don’t hope for anything to be done. So, if our Wakil Rakyat were to die, then there would be a by-election called and our roads would immediately be upgraded.

My dad said he is not prepared to buy me a new bicycle because the economy is very bad and he does not have the money to spend on such things. But if there is a by-election then the government will give out free bicycles to all the kids and I will then get the new bicycle that my dad can’t afford to buy.

Furthermore, my dad’s car has been stuck in the garage for the last three months because the road tax has expired and he can’t afford to renew it. So we now have to take a bus to go to town. If there is a by-election then the government will hand out RM1,000 ang pows and with this money my dad will be able to renew his road tax.

Thank you, Lord, and I hope my wish is not too personal. I will talk to you tomorrow night, Lord, but in the meantime maybe you can see what you can do about the Wakil Rakyat thing that I wished for.

source : malaysia today

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